About Precarious Yates

Precarious Yates lives in Texas with husband, daughter, dogs, sheep, chickens, rabbit, lizard and by the time you read this some other exotic creature her husband or daughter has brought home.


A terrifying, hauntingly real and daringly hopeful tale of betrayal and love.

How Shall We Love?

I’m what you’d call a hyper-intellectual. I love to learn more than most kids love to play. Then the divorce messes everything up. In spite of my parents, I get my philosophy about love from a grungy and homeless businessman.

The Elite of the Weak

Book 1 of Revelation Special Ops Crawling through an air duct in Queens…spending all night alone in an African jungle…that’s normal for teenage spy Hadassah Michelman.

The Captives

“When the caveat whale is gone, the time of the end has come, but the rise of Shunda will stem the tide.” Three lives weave together inextricably. Qoshonni: the warrior. Shunda: the orphan. Mookori: the prince.

Pharmacia: Those Magic Arts

Book 2 of Revelation Special Ops Pharmacia: [from the ancient Greek word pharmakeia] A drug, charm or enchantment, sometimes translated as ‘magic arts.’

Contact Me for Editing

As well as being an author of YA Fiction, Precarious Yates has become a respected editor.


The MerKing has access to the magical metal, pyromarne, and the world of Aiqua Marrin is falling apart according to his designs. All his pieces are set in place.
Upcoming Titles: August 2013: Bible Study: The Excellencies of Jesus our Messiah, Book 1: The Pre-incarnate Christ. November 2013: The Heart of the Caveat Whale book 3: The Tiller and the Song (this will be the final installment of the trilogy). Spring 2014: Gold of Havilah, Revelation Special Ops book 3.
Upcoming Events: Book signing: August 31, 2013 Betty Foster Public Library, Ponder, TX 2:30-4pm Book Signing: Logos Bookstore 6620 Snider Plaza Dallas, TX 75205 Saturday, October 12, 2013 1pm-3pm